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Ovarian lesions are an important cause of gynaecologic disorders. Endometriosis is one of the cause of primary infertility which if diagnosed and treated early can lead to proper management. At times they even form cysts that lead to major diagnostic challenges. Even their excision may result in removal of the normal functional tissue which leads to infertility.1 Ovarian tumours are also on the rise and need to be diagnosed early. Rapid intra-operative diagnosis can be achieved by use of imprint cytology which is easy to perform, and provides with an accurate diagnostic yield.2

Manjunath et al. in their research have signified the use of S – 100 in the early diagnosis of nerve involvement in borderline leprosy especially tuberculoid and borderline tuberculoid subtypes. Treatment plan will thus change following an early diagnosis.3 Carcinoma breast is an important cause of mortality in recent times. Wakkar et al in their study signified the increase incidence of infiltrating ductal carcinoma in tertiary care hospitals. Early diagnosis may prevent many problems and also save many lives. Neglect by the patients or where facility for testing is not available death rates are higher.4

Cancer of urinary bladder is detected early following advances in the diagnostic and therapeutic modalities. Use of immunohistochemical markers is another technique of categorising the neoplastic growths as malignant and also in assessing the grade of tumour. Abid et al. in their research publication stressed on the role of Her 2/neu and Ki 67 in such cases especially in the assessment of prognosis.5

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