A clinical, radiological and histological study of jaw lesions from Pathologist’s view

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Author Details : Prashant V. Kumavat, Nitin M Gadgil, Hemant Dhusia, Sushant Agarval, Sangita S Margam, Chetan S Chau

Volume : 3, Issue : 3, Year : 2016

Article Page : 414-420

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Background: This study was undertaken to correlate the clinical, radiological and histo-morphological features of jaw lesions. The histological problem and limitation was also assessed. Not many studies have been reported from India showing attempt to correlate these findings.
Material and methods: This is 5 years retrospective analysis of the 49 surgically resected or curetted lesions of jaw. Lesions were grouped as cystic, inflammatory, giant cell lesions, non neoplastic and neoplastic based on histological features.
Results: The commonest age group affected was second and third decade (32/ 49 cases). Commonest lesions noted were cystic 23 (46.94%), followed by inflammatory lesions 13 (26.53%). Dentigerous cyst was commonest in cystic lesion with 14 cases (60.87%). Cystic lesions were presented with unilocular radiolucencies. The inflammatory lesions showed characteristic moth eaten appearance. We noted 2 cases (4.08%) each of giant cell lesion and of fibrous dysplasia respectively. Neoplastic lesions were seen in 09 (18.37%) cases and the commonest one were ameloblastoma 3 (33.33%) and osteoma 3 (33.33%).
Conclusion: Lesions of jaw are common in second and third decade with most common is lesion being cystic followed by inflammatory. Clinical-radiological correlation is important for diagnosis of giant cell lesions and cystic lesions.

Keywords: Clinical, Histopathology, Jaw, Lesions, Neoplasm, Radiological

How to cite : Kumavat P V, Gadgil N M, Dhusia H, Agarval S, Margam S S, Chau C S, A clinical, radiological and histological study of jaw lesions from Pathologist’s view. Indian J Pathol Oncol 2016;3(3):414-420

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